Meet Real Estate Agent Ketelyn Campbell of Century 21 Rettro Group

Marketing yourself as a Real Estate Agent in 2019 is so different from 2000 and before. If you know this then why haven’t you as an agent adjusted your marketing strategies? It’s simple, many of you are still under the idea that unless you’re super professional in a suit, shirt and tie, dress, or a skirt people won’t take you seriously.

I personally believe that is half way true. You can look professional and be a crook, so your looks alone won’t cut it. Why not take it a step further and let your personality show a bit. As a content creator it is our job to highlight both the professionalism and the authenticity of the agent. I believe this is key because buyers like to know who they will be working with well in advance. If you as an agent can let it be known that you have a great sense of humor and can show your potential customers that side of you in a tasteful way but still get your professional message across. You will have done what most people have problems with, that is the initial introduction in a matter of seconds instead of a boring 1 minute elevator speech. This is one way to break down personality barriers.

In this Rettro Group Century 21 video I chose to use blooper outtakes first highlighting Katelyn Campbell’s sense of humor before going straight into her introduction of who she is and what she does and providing her contact information. Think about it, this video adds depth to the content and creates the perception that Katelyn might be fun to be around rather than a stiff necked agent that is ONLY interest in either selling or listing a home.

If you’re a realtor who wants to start marketing themselves, I highly suggest you jump into the video marketing game.

If you lack video content and know you need to add videos to your real estate marketing strategy, message me. Let’s talk.

James SP note: i couldn’t stop laughing while we were filming 😂.

Video filmed by: Schiller Productions, LLC

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