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Look at EVERYTHING in your frame

Look at all of the elements in your frame (DIFFERENT ANGLE OF ABOVE IMAGE)


When in SP Mode I tend to first identify the key subject of my photo (same rule applies to video). Once I've identified my key subject the next thing to do is decide how you want the entire frame to look.

re-arranging the objects for the right composition

Organize your objects to your liking

In the above image you notice that I re-arranged the background images to have more meaning. Because I'm in an office setting you will notice the cup with pens in the back along with a lamp, stickie notes, black cup. Between the pen and Altiods are a pair of yellow shades. (Added to give a subtle cool look). The positioning of the pen is to give a reminder that this is an office kind of setting.

Different angle of the same composition of above image

Notice capturing the same composition from a different angle gives the photo an entirely different look and feel. The Altoids remained the key subject so decided to slightly blur out the objects since the background objects are only there to subconsciously inform the viewer that this is an office setting.


The next time you want to take a photo to post on your social media page, take the time to organize your shot. Re-arrange the objects in your frame then find the perfect angle that gives you the exact depth and look you desire your image to have then snap away.

Thank you for reading this post and becoming one step closer to being in SP Mode.

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